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Carbon Fiber Repair in Chicago

The Rowing Group can provide quality, on-site rowing boat repair service for all composite material boats. Think of us as your local Chicago repair shop for dings, scrapes and holes that need to be repaired quickly to keep your boat on the water. We can repair almost anything made of carbon fiber, fiberglass and Kevlar at any location around Chicago.

Some rowing teams rely on tape over holes to get them through the season. You might think, "that's ok because it's just for a little while." But think what would happen if water got past the tape, especially if the damaged area leads right into the core of your boat. The core of your boat could be getting soaked on a daily basis, potentially weakening the stiffness of your boat permanently. In addition, honeycomb core boats get heavier over time when the internal core is exposed directly to the water. Save the extra weight and keep your boat from potentially going soft; contact the Rowing Group to put a patch on your boat now, before it's too late.

Do you have a larger repair that needs specialized attention? The Rowing Group works with Crowley's Yacht Yard - Lakeside in Chicago, who can provide options for extensive repair/rebuilding as well as a professional repainting options for all boat sizes, including full hull re-sprays for 8+s. Crowley's is a full-service marina that has been a true friend to the Chicago rowing community for decades.

The Rowing Group can provide:

  • Composite repair for all brands
    (carbon fiber, Kevlar, fiberglass with honeycomb/foam core and/or single skin)
  • Full hull re-sprays for 8+, 4+, 2x/- and 1x by Crowley’s Yacht Yard – Lakeside. (special rates in the summer months)
  • Professional paint matching for all painted boats including gel-coat boats. (Pocock, Empacher)
  • Partial hull repaint for all hull sizes
  • Pickup and drop off service options by the Rowing Group
  • Custom paint work including metallic paint and bespoke artwork for hull by Crowley’s Yacht Yard – Lakeside.
  • Insurance claims handled seemlessly through Crowley’s Yacht Yard – Lakeside.
*** Special summer repaint/repair/refresh/re-spray discounts for all rowing teams ***

Carbin fiber cello case being repaired by the Rowing Group
Carbon fiber cello case being repaired
by the Rowing Group

Mark Carroll doing fiberglass work on Liv from

The Rowing Group has also worked in the past with non-rowing applications including kayaks, canoes, carbon fiber musical instrument cases, high-end aftermarket carbon fiber automotive parts, cracked carbon fiber wrapped hockey sticks, and high end athletic equipment. We do not repair carbon fiber bicycles, unfortunately.

For more information, contact us at

On Site Carbon Fiber Repair
On-site at a club repairing a carbon fiber rowing boat

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